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7 Ways to Analyze Customers Needs Through Social Media

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

While surveys are the primary tool for social media companies to assess and collect customer feedback, they are not the only way that this can be done. This notion is especially important in a world where surveys are becoming more and more of a burden for the customer to do. Instead, you can use social media as an excellent tool to find exactly what the customers' needs and wants are, and use this to improve your business.

With billions of people connected through social media, providing customer support to clients through this channel should definitely be a priority for many new companies. Especially since customers are more likely to partake in that as opposed to that annoying phone call in the middle of the day. Analyzing customer feedback is also important because it can prevent negative reviews that have the potential to be viewed by millions of prospective clients.

Here are 7 ways social media can help your business analyze customers' needs and wants.

1. Listening to mentions of customers.

Check for mentions of your brand and other brands you compete with. By seeing when your brand is mentioned by people on social media, you can give instant help to any customers experiencing issues on your platform, preventing any possible negative reviews in the process.

It’s also important to check for mentions of your competitors so you can offer your services to people unsatisfied with the service of your competitor.

2. Gathering feedback on your product

Get feedback from your network of social media followers before launching a new product in order to assess potential customer problems with the new product that your team had failed to identify. Another benefit of this is that your network of social media followers does not just feature existing customers or close personal advisors. They can also include industry titans, targets, and potential customers. Getting feedback from all these sources allows you to stay close to the needs of your customers, which makes the purchase of your product even more likely.

3. Conducting surveys and polls

This can be done easily, and you can ask the customer any question. It is simple and enticing to engage in and a good conversation starter. It is not just important to look at the responses to your own polls and surveys, but also that of the competitor, as you can see what the customers want from other companies.

4. Asking industry titans for advice

Use the networking ability given by social media to your advantage by contacting industry veterans for input about whatever you need. You never know if you can make a powerful ally or contact, the benefits of which can aid your business in unforeseen potential ways.

5. Getting blog content from other sources

Writing can be difficult, and writer's block is prevalent. That’s why getting blog content from your social network can help provide content that more precisely depicts the problems people face. You can also use this to develop topic ideas when you’re out of ideas. Ask your followers what kind of content they would like to see and then use those topics to help increase the interest in your social media content.

6. Sourcing social content

This is like sourcing blog content, but it allows for customers to exercise a certain influence on the content you post on social media. This can help attract other customers to your platform, as the customers know how other potential customers might think.

7. Developing personas

This is an important part of the successful development of your inbound marketing strategy. It is necessary information for customer success managers to give to the product team. Ask members of social media communities questions that will allow you to narrow down your target audience, identify personas, and develop your customer success strategy. Ask about demographics, pain points, preferences, and interests in order to paint a picture for your customer outreach and developer teams.

Surveys are just one simple way to get feedback from customers on your business. These days more and more people are on social media, so it is important to listen to them and the distinct possibilities social media has to offer in gathering customer feedback. These 7 ways are just a few of the many ways to take advantage of social media in order to grow your business.

Ready to take your business to the next level? Set yourself up for success with an effective social media strategy. As a digital marketing agency, we will provide you with all the help you need in creating a proper presence on social media, whether for customer feedback or a sound strategy to help you grow your brand. Contact us to see how we can help you achieve your marketing goals!


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